Making Dinner for Your Date

There Is Not More Attractive Man Than One Who Cooks For His Lady
There Is Not More Attractive Man Than One Who Cooks For His Lady
Making dinner for your date is one of the many ways that you can tell them that you’re really into them. It’s not something that you’d do for just anyone, so when you do decide that he or she is worth it, go big. Take the time that you need to to fully prepare something that you think they’d like and then buy the best ingredients to make it. Cheap quality makes cheap food, remember that. If you’re not sure what you think your date would like or how you think that you should set everything up, then keep reading to create a perfect dinner date at home.

What to Make

Pay Attention When She Talk... Learn What She Likes
Pay Attention When She Talk… Learn What She Likes
It’s entirely okay to simply ask them ahead of time what they’d like. If they’re picky this will give them a chance to tell you exactly what not to put in there. For those that eat this way a stray onion can ruin an entire meal which can ruin an entire date. You don’t want that. Presumably at this point in time, though, you’ve talked about this sort of thing. After all, you don’t have a first date be the time you make dinner for them. So if you want to be even more impressive plan to watch what they order at restaurants. If it’s always chicken then make a chicken dish. If they don’t seem to eat meat then play it safe and don’t buy it. Even if they aren’t a vegetarian it could simply be that they don’t like meat.

When you do decide to cook for them always make a dessert too. In restaurants it could be that it’s too expensive to get the sugary stuff at the end. But here in your kitchen it’s a cheaper perk that they’ll love.

How to Set Up

Everything Is In The Details
Everything Is In The Details
This is a really important tip to set the mood. You do want your house to be clean. Any room that she or he will enter should be, but this is especially true of the dining room. Set the table with a fork, knife, and spoon even if you don’t think that you’ll need all of them. It shows that you paid attention to detail. If you have a flower put it in a vase and play some romantic music. But aside from the atmosphere, another important detail that you can note for the left handed lovers out there is to set the table for them. They’re used to having to reach across to get their forks. If you set the normal plates backwards with the fork on the left and the spoon on the right they’ll notice. You’re definitely going to be winning brownie points with that one.

Finally, just relax. Making someone dinner can be stressful because you’re putting so much effort into it. Even if it’s not their favorite they will appreciate that and love what you’ve done. Get it all on the plate and enjoy your date. Bring some toothpicks and breath mints to make for a great kiss at the end, even.