Watch Your Partner's Reaction To Your Touch

What to Do When You’re Unsure of What Your Partner Likes Sexually

Having a new sexual partner is one of the best feelings in the world. Everything is new and exciting, you want to have sex all the time, and you go off at a single touch. But once that new excitement cools down, you end up finding each other’s buttons and things keep a steady simmer going. But what happens when you keep pressing the wrong buttons? Hell, you might not even know where their buttons are. People are not as simple as movies make them seem. They have different fetishes and fantasies; nothing feels the same to two people. If you can’t seem to figure out what it is that you’re doing wrong, we’re here to help. You don’t have […]

Enjoy The Foreplay... It Make Great Sex

How to Last Longer During Sex

There are few things worse than having sex with your lady and finishing just a few measly seconds in. It’s frustrating, embarrassing, and you can be certain that your lady didn’t enjoy herself. When you want to make sure you are satisfying your lady the best way you possibly can, you are going to need to learn how to last longer in bed. Some men like to claim that trying to last longer is too difficult, but that isn’t true at all. Last longer in bed has nothing to do with how overwhelmed you get by pleasure. But it has everything to do with your ability to be creative and act quickly, so that you can prolong things as much […]

Get Some Excitement Into The Relationship

Sex Mistakes You Should Make Every Time

Porn plays a huge role in what we imagine sex should be like. It should be serious, it should be intense. It should definitely go right the first time. Porn plays a big part in building up nervousness before your first time taking a tumble with a new partner. Will I perform well? Will they enjoy themselves? What happens if I mess up? That nervousness is a mistake in and of itself, and one I would recommend minimizing as much as possible. While nervousness may not be the most advisable mistake to make with a new partner, there are a few that I’d not only say aren’t mistakes, but I’d encourage you to make with your partner to be. They […]

Touch Her Hand and Get Her Arouse

4 Ways to Arouse Her In Public

It is not uncommon for there to come a time when you want to get your partner aroused in a public setting, either as a way to embarrass her or as a means to keep her more calm in an unsettling situation. Unfortunately, arousing someone can be a little bit difficult when there are other people around who might be more than a little disturbed by the act. In situations like this, you have to be crafty and you have to be very subtle about your actions. It also helps if your partner is subtle as well, even as you drive them slowly insane with arousal. So here are a few ideas of ways to arouse your partner without arousing […]