Good Dads Are Hot

How to Become a DILF

It hasn’t always been the case, but recently DILFs have become huge. A Dad I’d Like to F**k is basically just a hot guy who has a kid, but also so so much more than that. Because men are becoming stay at home dads (see the statistics) and single dads more often, it’s considered incredibly hot when they’re also good dads. Obviously if you don’t have a kid yet you’re going to have to wait to become a certified DILF, but when it happens you’ll be prepared because you’ll know what it takes to be one. For those of you who have the kids, this is how you get to the ILF in DILF. Keep Yourself Up Yes, having a […]

Don't Kiss And Tell

How to Date More Than One Person

Now it seems like as soon as you go out on one date with a person you’re suddenly boyfriend and girlfriend. Everyone makes a fuss about it and it has to become official on all of your social media sites. When you should change your relationship status. But that’s not how it’s always been. Back in the day you could date more than one person at a time and no one thought anything of it. While you did try to stay semi-serious about each one, you didn’t throw yourself into monogamy because of it. Luckily, no one outlawed dating more than one person at the same time. You don’t have to stick the crowds, you can serial date all you […]

Behave Yourself

What to Do the First Time You See Her Naked

When you start to date a woman sometimes all you can think about is the first time you get to see her naked. You’ve been on the dates, you’ve seen her in killer clothes, and you just can’t wait to take them off of her. But as the anticipation builds, it can get to be a little nerve wracking. You have no doubt that you’ll enjoy what you see, but what if you’re overdoing it in your mind? What if she’s not quite what you look like? The first time that you see a woman naked is crucial. She’s going to remember your reaction, so make sure that you do it all right. Go here for 27 ways to look […]

Virgins Also Date

How to Date a Virgin

Dating a virgin may sound perfect to some people. While the idea of being with someone who has never been with anyone else may sound great, many times, dating a virgin can be complex, complicated, and confusing. All virgins aren’t the same, and it’s important not to lump them all into the same group. If you want to successfully date a virgin, there are a couple of things that you just shouldn’t do. Don’t Rush Into Sex Both of you may be in a rush to get rid of your partner’s V-card, but that doesn’t mean that you should. While some virgins may believe that losing their virginity won’t affect them, many of them end up having a very strong […]