Be Ready To Try New Things

What Older Women Look for in Younger Men

Older women aren’t difficult to date, but sometimes there are things that are a lot more difficult to get away with when it comes to dating them. Most of them have already played the same games that younger women often play. Older women either want a serious relationship, or they are simply looking for casual dating. Either way, many older women will let you know whatever they are looking for upfront (whereas many younger women will simply string you along). As long as you don’t go into the relationship thinking you’re the boss, you probably won’t have anything to worry about. Youthfulness But Maturity The number one thing older women look for in younger men is youthfulness. No woman wants […]

Make Sure You Are Both Looking For The Same Type Of Relationship

The Difference Between Friends with Benefits and an Open Relationship

There are so many types of relationships nowadays that have little to no labels that it can be hard to know what you want. Once you get what you want it can be even harder to tell what it actually is. The more popular and new types of dating are the open relationship and friends with benefits. Unfortunately many people seem to think that the two are one in the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re not sure you know the difference but you’re interested in what’s going on, then you need to educate yourself. If you don’t even know which one you’re in, then you definitely need to keep reading. Commitment Commitment is the […]

Watch Your Partner's Reaction To Your Touch

What to Do When You’re Unsure of What Your Partner Likes Sexually

Having a new sexual partner is one of the best feelings in the world. Everything is new and exciting, you want to have sex all the time, and you go off at a single touch. But once that new excitement cools down, you end up finding each other’s buttons and things keep a steady simmer going. But what happens when you keep pressing the wrong buttons? Hell, you might not even know where their buttons are. People are not as simple as movies make them seem. They have different fetishes and fantasies; nothing feels the same to two people. If you can’t seem to figure out what it is that you’re doing wrong, we’re here to help. You don’t have […]

There Is Not More Attractive Man Than One Who Cooks For His Lady

Making Dinner for Your Date

Making dinner for your date is one of the many ways that you can tell them that you’re really into them. It’s not something that you’d do for just anyone, so when you do decide that he or she is worth it, go big. Take the time that you need to to fully prepare something that you think they’d like and then buy the best ingredients to make it. Cheap quality makes cheap food, remember that. If you’re not sure what you think your date would like or how you think that you should set everything up, then keep reading to create a perfect dinner date at home. What to Make It’s entirely okay to simply ask them ahead of […]

Try Crossdressing For Fun With Your Lady

Cross dressing for Your Lady

Cross dressing for your lady can be a great way to bring some excitement to the bedroom, especially if you know that she has a cross dressing fetish. Even if you don’t know whether or not she has one, many women like seeing their men in feminine and sexy clothing because it is out of the ordinary. If you find out your lady wouldn’t be opposed to fooling around with you while you’re cross dressing, the next step is come up with a plan, and then put it into action. Let Her Help You Out When you know your lady has a kink for men who cross dress, you may want to surprise her with a bit of cross dressing […]

Enjoy The Foreplay... It Make Great Sex

How to Last Longer During Sex

There are few things worse than having sex with your lady and finishing just a few measly seconds in. It’s frustrating, embarrassing, and you can be certain that your lady didn’t enjoy herself. When you want to make sure you are satisfying your lady the best way you possibly can, you are going to need to learn how to last longer in bed. Some men like to claim that trying to last longer is too difficult, but that isn’t true at all. Last longer in bed has nothing to do with how overwhelmed you get by pleasure. But it has everything to do with your ability to be creative and act quickly, so that you can prolong things as much […]

Speak Calmly About Splitting The Bills

How To Fairly Split the Bills With Your Partner

Living with someone can be one of the most financially difficult things two people can do. Money is one of the main reasons relationships end, be they a friend or spouse. It can be difficult to figure out a system that works best for splitting the bills between the two of you, and it’s really a matter of finding out which system is going to work the best with your lifestyle situation. Here are a few different systems you may want to try on or discuss, and feel free to tweak them to suit your financial needs. Split Everything 50 / 50 This is the simplest solution, obviously. All the bills are cut clean down the middle and both parties […]

Get Some Excitement Into The Relationship

Sex Mistakes You Should Make Every Time

Porn plays a huge role in what we imagine sex should be like. It should be serious, it should be intense. It should definitely go right the first time. Porn plays a big part in building up nervousness before your first time taking a tumble with a new partner. Will I perform well? Will they enjoy themselves? What happens if I mess up? That nervousness is a mistake in and of itself, and one I would recommend minimizing as much as possible. While nervousness may not be the most advisable mistake to make with a new partner, there are a few that I’d not only say aren’t mistakes, but I’d encourage you to make with your partner to be. They […]

Brewery Tours Can Become Fun Dates

Fun First Date Ideas That Aren’t Overdone

Planning a first date can be both exciting and stressful. We want to impress our love-to-be, but we also don’t want to fall back on anything too generic or overdone. Sadly, these are usually the first ideas that come to mind. A picnic in the park, dinner and a movie, hanging out at a coffee shop are all dates we’ve been on a million times. If you really want to stand out, here are a few fun first date ideas that haven’t been done to death. A Brewery Tour or Wine Tasting Depending on your date’s taste (pun intended), a brewery tour or wine tasting outing makes for a good first date experience. In addition to the fact that you’ll […]

Good Dads Are Hot

How to Become a DILF

It hasn’t always been the case, but recently DILFs have become huge. A Dad I’d Like to F**k is basically just a hot guy who has a kid, but also so so much more than that. Because men are becoming stay at home dads (see the statistics) and single dads more often, it’s considered incredibly hot when they’re also good dads. Obviously if you don’t have a kid yet you’re going to have to wait to become a certified DILF, but when it happens you’ll be prepared because you’ll know what it takes to be one. For those of you who have the kids, this is how you get to the ILF in DILF. Keep Yourself Up Yes, having a […]